1) Start with your favorite dish...

Soft Tacos

choice of recipe on homemade corngf or flour tortillas, fresh pico salsa, cabbage, choice of beans & cilantro rice (cheese optional)

Two 12  |  Three 15


Dos cheese enchiladas (gf) baked in red or green sauce, with choice of beans or rice.

Cheese 13 

add recipe on top +13 


Flour tortilla filled with your choice of recipe, beans & rice


Chimichanga style +1 | Elegant style red or green sauce, queso, crema & guac +3


Black beans, cilantro rice, grilled vegetable mixta, pico salsa & calabacitas (gf) 

Vegan 10 | add a recipe +4 | add guacamole 


Dos cheese enchiladas (gf) baked in red or green sauce, with choice of beans or rice.

Cheese 13 

add recipe on top +13 

2) … then add your recipe

3 sisters picadillo v calabacitas, corn, frijol blanco, chickpea chorizo, & cilantro gf
pollo asado mercado marinated chickengf
pollo al pastor achiote marinated, fresh piña & cilantro (n/a enchiladas)gf
carnitas slow cooked pulled porkgf
seasonal: chicken tinga shredded chicken, tomato, nopales, achiote & chilegf
el charro carne seca famous sun dried shredded beefgf +.50 ea
charro beef! tender, slow cooked ancho rubbed short ribgf +.50 ea
sonoran shrimp chipotle bbq marinated shrimpgf +.50 ea
carne asada mesquite grilled steak*gf +.50 ea
beef birria achiote marinated beef quesabirria stylegf +.50 ea

Más Charro Chico


guacamole & chips v gf 9
street corn esquites served with chipsgf 7
chips & queso gf blue corn chips & queso dip 6
charro cheesecrisp gf local flour tortilla, queso blanco, guacamole, pico & chile verde 12
add recipe +4
el charro mini chimis mini chimichangas served with queso dip 10 (3ct)
choice of chicken, frijoles, or chile con queso 7 (4ct)
add elegant style +4 red or green sauce, queso, crema & guacamole mini chimis available for catering


the vida chopped gf napa cabbage, roasted corn, black bean & avocado 9
chipotle ranch or ginger lime
add recipe +4
achiote chicken caesar gf achiote grilled pollo asado, fresh greens, queso cotija, citrus & chipotle caesar 13


served with choice of beans or rice gf fresh corn, red chile, carnitas or chicken tomatillo
single 9 | double 13
hola hemp® vegan tamalesgf or chipotle served with calabacitas
single 11 | double 15
tamales available frozen to go

-Relleno Recipes-

available after 3pm- served with beans, rice & calabacitas
el charro carne seca trio of bandera style sauces 19
chicken chile verde chicken in poblano crema 17
charro beef relleno slow cooked short rib 19
shrimp culichi delicious tomatillo crema 18

It's Always Brunch at Chico

available all day!

Breakfast Tacos

dos tacos of fried or scrambled egg, queso americano, on choice of corngf or flour tortilla with breakfast papas & choice of beans


add bacon +

Huevos Rancharros

two blue corngf tostadas, carnitas, ranchero red & green sauce, fried egg, crema, refried beans, & queso casero with breakfast papas


add bacon +

La Chata Tamal!

choice of fresh corn, carnitas, beef, or tomatillo chicken tamalegf , flat-iron butter grilled with sauce, fried or scrambled egg, breakfast papas & beans


add bacon +

Chico's Chilaquiles

corn tortillasgf, culichi verde sauce, original or add recipe, fried or scrambled egg, avocado, queso, & choice of beans


add bacon +

Breakfast Burrito

made with scrambled egg, queso, & breakfast papas, choice of beans on side


add bacon +

Churro French Toast

-Sat & Sun Only-

house recipe sourdough made with AZ grains available sat or sun only, la lechera, cinnamon, sugar, & manzanilla tea infused maple syrup


add bacon +

-Brunch Recipe Adds-

side of recipe gf +4
extra egg +4
coffee/café de la olla 3.50
local bakery sweets mp

More Chico

Add Some...

fresh guacamole to any entrée +3
esquites off the cob street corn +2.50


try our bar chico menu for margaritas & cervezas pepsi brands, topo chico, jarritos, lemonade, horchata, etc 3.50 ea

Sopas & Sides

three sister tortilla soup served in:
original gf 7
chicken 10
cilantro rice gf 3
frijoles gf black, charro or refried 3
side of chips gf 3
side salad gf 5


homemade flan gf 5
the tortilla cookie™ 1.75 ea
the monica's tres leches recipes 5 ea

(full cakes avail w/ 72-hour notice)

Kids Menu

cheese quesadilla or chicken taco on corngf or flour with beans & rice 7

add carne asada +.50 

bean & cheese burrito with rice 7